Migrating from IBM/LOTUS/DOMINO

Move from IBM/Lotus/Domino to Google Workspace

lotus notes migration to google apps

Migrating from IBM/LOTUS/DOMINO

The complex environment previously known as Lotus presents specialized languages and computing parameters that must be thoroughly assessed prior to migration deployment. Our Certified Google Workspace professionals will verse management and IT in the prerequisites and provide a detailed assessment about what Google Workspace integration has to offer.

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For IBM/LOTUS/DOMINO our techs will consider the following

Mail Co-existence & Routing

Mail servers incorporate specialized databases into useable interfaces that include things like email, calendars, contacts, notes, and more. IBM / Lotus / Domino systems utilize program-specific servers to manage these complex databases.

QIQs Migration Oversight guards against the unwanted and unnecessary immigration of scheduled agents into Google Workspace. We help ensure that the platform is free of duplicates, easily accessible, functions at top speed, is updateable, and interacts flawlessly with its user-friendly components, i.e., task scheduling, calendars, contacts, directories, and where applicable, document libraries.

Data Migration

The IBM / Lotus / Domino database systems are dependent upon IBM Notes. Importing contacts and distribution mailing lists can only be accomplished after the IBM Notes platform has been incorporated into Google Workspace. Prior to scheduling departmental transference, interim contact and distribution lists will be located on a vCard in Google Workspace. Although this list will be simplified, the full features will reassert themselves upon completion of the migration.

Collaboration Tools

IBM, Lotus/Domino calendar migration includes the following service-supported features:

  • Meetings
  • Appointments
  • Full-Day Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Reminders
  • Imported Holidays (as set forth in Domino)
  • Alarms
  • Privacy Settings

Although migration includes resource information that has been booked from an individual’s Notes Calendar or web client; our technicians must assess the viability of migrating events created by third-party software.

NOTE: Calendar attachments will not be migrated and the Delegated Atendees function is not supported. However, detailed team events can be created in Google Calendars that not only schedule according to attendee availability; but also update each participant’s calendar, advise them of the meeting via email, and automatically generate reminders.

Directory Sync

User contacts are integrated according to two criteria: roaming and non-roaming users. Roaming users can immediately access their personal addresses on the roaming service. In order for non-roaming users to access a local address book, our technicians must first synchronize each user’s address book with their mail database.

Unless other arrangements have been made, nested contact groups will be listed under Groups in Google Contacts.

Mobile Phone and Wireless Cloud Portals

Transmitting data to and from mobile phones is imperative to today’s business. Our teams will ensure that each team member has been fully integrated into the mobile access portal, replete with use names, passwords, and the apps necessary to transmit pertinent data.

Google Workspace

The Google Workspace and Google Drive platforms help ensure that all the functionality you have come to expect from your local terminal can be duplicated from any computer or mobile phone you access. Our teams carefully consider the productivity requirements of your company and implement the appropriate Google Platforms to facilitate their implementation.

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