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Google Workspace Migration & Deployment

Thinking of moving your business onto Google Workspace – Powered by Google Workspace? QIQ can help! We have planned, deployed and managed various migration projects over the years. Our focus is on serving SMBs(Small-Medium size Businesses), Non profit organizations and schools in Canada and United States. Don’t stress over your most important form of business communication. Let QIQ help your business go GOOGLE!

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Google Workspace - Google Workspace Training

Start off on the right foot with training on how to use Google Workspace. Our training courses cover everything there is to know about Google Mail(aka Gmail), Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Sites, Google Hangouts and the best practices to maximize the benefits of using Google Workspace for your purposes. Our trainings are available on site with a certified instructor, via webinar or self learning materials(ie. how-to videos) for each user to learn on their own pace.

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Managed IT services

Outsource your IT needs to us and have us serve you as your new IT department! We totally understand that it is very expensive to deliver reliable and quality IT services to organizations due to costly IT infrastructures, qualified IT staff and software licenses that are required and for many organizations, it’s not very cost effective to have their own IT resources within their organizations. However, many are still spending significant resources to provide and sustain their IT services and infrastructures to run their businesses. We have recognized the pain of this reality and decided to do something about it! Thanks to SaaS(Software as a Service), Open Source community and the state-of-the-art Cloud Computing leaders and our partners such as Google, Cisco Meraki and Mozy by EMC, we have been providing even more reliable IT services to our clients in the Cloud to meet their business needs and add more values to their businesses by leveraging and maximizing the power of the modern Cloud computing and its solutions. We continue to innovate and provide the most reliable IT services to many organizations in Canada and United States and our efforts in the Cloud have significantly reduced our clients IT expenditures by 30 -50% with proven results and efficiencies

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Data management & Disaster Recovery

Protecting your mission critial data and its privacy can be very cumbersome and expensive. Even if you manage to do it yourself on an external USB drive or on a server somewhere, your organization can still be in jepordy in case of any unfortunate disasters such as fire, flood, theft, etc. Don’t worry! You are not alone and we have a very cost effective and a very secure solution to protect and manage your data based on your needs and budget. We can also help you automate all the required tasks to backup your data onto the most secure place on earth! Our IT security experts will also help you assess your needs and provide the best backup and restore solution for your organization so that you can focus on your businesses without worrying about losing your data. Moreover, we will recover and deliver any lost data to you whereever you are in the world. Yes, it’s that slick and Worry-Free!

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IT and Google Workspace Consulting

Is it time for you to move on and be able to connect and work with others in much better ways? We can definately help! Our experienced IT consultants will help you gather your business requirements, assess your needs and recomend most suitable and cost effective IT solutions that are available in the market for your businesses. Our experienced and certified Google Workspace teams can also help you implement Google Workspace for your organization to change the way everyone work and communicate. We have helped many organizations to revolutionize their work environments by implementing Google Workspace and it’s very rewarding to see them grow and continue to be successful in what they do best! Let us help you as well!

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