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Google Scripting Make Work Flow Faster and Productive

Automate your workflow, by integrating Google Scripting into your business. Google Scripts can be added on to Email, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Calendar and more… QIQ can help to simplify data entry, data collection and save you time!

Google Sheets

Google scripting for sheets

Google Docs

Google Doc Scripting

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Google Drive Scripting

Google Scripting Has Endless Possibilities

Learn how Google Scripting can work for you to save you time!

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Google Scripting in Action – Examples of Our Work

Data Entry Automation

Does your business have frequent data entry tasks? Google Scripting could be the solution to eliminate the need for those tedious and inefficient time sucking jobs. QIQ has automated and streamlined various working task to eliminate data entry.

Content Syncing

Do you have content in one area and need it re purposed in various other places? We can take one piece of content and publish it everywhere in one click. Our syncing scripts have the ability to pull content from a third party, publish it to a website, share it onto social media, all automatically.

School Attendance System

Taking attendance was never easier for teachers and staff a Toronto private school. QIQ developed a form system for the school that allowed teachers to take class attendance on their mobile devices, using a Google form. Each student was tracked in the form and monthly attendance reports could easily be run and downloaded with a click of a button. Alerts were also implemented to be sent after 2 consecutive missed classes.

Automated Template Dump/ Document Creation

Often businesses find them selves constantly creating documents with slight variations. One company came to QIQ to see if we could simplify the process and we did! This client takes customer data, and then must create a document based on the clients information. The solution was to built a Google form to intake the customers information. And then that data could be applied to the various document templates the business needed for their clients.

Automated Report Card System

Gone are the days of teachers waiting for the printer to be ready… Using Google Sheets QIQ developed a report card system that allowed teachers to add all grades, of all students onto one simple spreadsheet. With a press of a button those grades were dumped into a report card template, and saved as individual PDF’s, ready to be printed off for the student.

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