Google Cloud Consulting

Google For Work Consulting - It starts with a plan!

If your business has an IT department that feel capable with the task to migrate to Google for Work, great! We are happy to offer consultations to business, and put together a planed approach for their IT department to follow. 

Google for Work Consultation Process

Discovery Meeting

Our discovery meeting is the first meeting that we have with a business. We learn everything there is to know about their current IT infrastructure, the main people who will be involved in the migration process and the desired outcomes the business is looking to achieve.

Planned Deployment and Migration Review

QIQ will put together a complete plan to roll out the deployment and migration of Google for Work. Each role and responsibility will be outlined in a step by step fashion.

Support and Training

If a business desires QIQ can be on standby during the deployment and go-live phase to help with any problems that may occur during the implementation and migration to G Suite.

Train the Trainer

QIQ offers a train the trainer program in which we will train one or a handful of staff members to be trainers to educate and teach the rest of the staff within an business or organization. This is a perfect option for businesses who what to do things internally but need a bit of a helping hand to ensure training is done right.


We can explain how G Suite can transform your business