Google Workspace Training

Google Workspace Training Programs and Change Management

Hit the ground running with the training support from QIQ. Let us help implement a training program for your business and prepare a change management strategy that will help users quickly get aquatinted to the Google environment

How We Help to Educate Google Workspace

In order to successfully integrate or migrate your data to Google Workspace, our team members need to know what you know… and you need to know what we know. Consultation is key to developing a highly-functioning data system that adds value rather than frustration.

Our first point of contact will likely be your IT Department. From them we will learn about your current systems and its users.

Our primary concern will be to roll out a completely cohesive system that can be utilized the first time participants log in. After our 30 Days of Support expire, there may be additional questions and options your office would like to explore. That is why we offer extended training and support options to all our clients.


We can help to put together a customized training program

Our recommended 30-day workflow management & post implementation support services

Our 30 Day Support Package reflects QIQ’s commitment to a Better Workflow Experience:

  • Post-Deployment App Integration
  • Product Updates & New Product Rollouts
  • Setting up and confirming access to Google Workspace and Google Premium Network’s support portals.
  • 24/7 QIQ Support Lines.
  • Technical consulting with our certified Google Workspace professionals.

We also monitor and ensure that the varied interactive components available within Google Workspace are not only functioning, but being utilized by in a relevant manner. Even after training, staff may be confused about how to integrate the collaborative tools available to them. Our team helps with things like:

  • Understanding the fully integrative capabilities of Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Creating a Google Calendar event directly from an email.
  • Using Google’s Smart Rescheduler to determine each participant’s availability when scheduling group meetings .
  • Integrating Google’s SITES environment to produce sales and reporting media.
  • Taking advantage of Google’s mobile phone capacity to upload and download documents directly from Gmail.