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When switching your business email to Google mail, you should trust an experienced Google Partner to assist with the migration. QIQ has help small to medium sized business move from various platforms onto G Suite. Select your platform below for more details on our email migration services.

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Our experienced deployment specialists will ensure your migration runs smoothly so your business can focus on what you do best!

Harnessing the Power of Google Cloud and G Suite

In today’s world, cloud-based access is imperative to nearly any business concern. Devising a comprehensive system that can accommodate all of the variables that accompany such an endeavor is an astoundingly effective business tool when properly implemented.

QIQ’s Certified Google Cloud specialists are skilled interpreters of our client’s existing systems and fully versed in the ever-expanding array of Google Cloud. We not only facilitate system-wide cloud migration, we also help to increase the proficiency of nearly any record-keeping and communication system. Isn’t it time your employees and contributors can work seamlessly and efficiently from anywhere in the world?

There are three types of virtual infrastructures:

  • Software as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a Service examples include Adobe CSS, Dreamweaver, Enterprise, and on-line movie and slide-show software. As a point of fact, the elite and previously expensive Adobe CSS Photoshop Suite is no longer offered as a stand-alone software program; it is now available only as virtual software. The reasons are simple—unlimited storage capacity, redundancy capabilities that help to prevent accidental crashes, and immediate roll-outs of updates and add ons. Most businesses already utilize one or more SaaS platforms.

Platforms as a Service include apps like Google Hangouts, a conferencing and communication tool that makes audio/visual connections possible between one or several participants. Other platforms consist of SQL databases, shared desktop calendars, alarm clocks, screen recorders, document converters, and messaging services.

Infrastructure as a Service incorporates all of the above while managing incoming data and document creation, performing backup tasks, storing data within defined parameters, setting authoritative access, AND, in the case of Google Platforms for Business, creating single or multiple virtual machines that mirror a local terminal’s operating system, data access perimeters, POS or product design tools, and inter-office routing schemes.

QIQ relies on Google because it concurrently supplies all three types of virtual infrastructures into a customizable virtual environment suitable for any size company.

There are two types of cloud Infrastructures:

  • Public Cloud Computing – Consisting of shared resources deployed on a self-service basis
  • Private Cloud Computing – Consisting of a privately managed Virtual Machine services

Most businesses already utilize the collaboration tools within Google Docs, (a.k.a., Google Drive). The ability for multiple parties to access spreadsheets, slides, or docs, and for management to determine who can (or cannot) make changes to individual portions of these documents is invaluable.

Google for Business Cloud Technology extends these capabilities and includes both Private and Public computing options that can be mixed and matched to suit your businesses needs.

G Suite can be set up to include every facet of day-to-day record keeping tasks, and can incorporate product development suites, marketing tools, company-wide integration, data management and recovery, and administrative oversight.

What our customers like most about Google Cloud and G Suite is the flexibility:

    • G Suite can manage any size company – from one to tens-of thousands; nationally or internationally.
    • G Suite is based on an Administration Console that can be modified to suit current situations.
    • G Suite subscription costs are based on usage and can actually decrease the more often the cloud is accessed.
    • G Suite is quick and responsive, even data recovery takes only minutes compared to hours on hard-drive systems.
    • G Suite manage disaster and recovery solutions for both historical and current data by utilizing built-in redundancy portals that protect valuable records.
    • G Suite includes networking, big data solutions, and management services that are both integrated and modular. This means they can be used in a variety of combinations.
    • G Suite contain added value because they do things like run Docker containers, confirm staff availability for inter-office meetings, simplify the notification process, manage and convert document types, help staff develop inter-office web apps, help staff create media presentations, and increase the efficiency of intra-office and management reporting.
    • G Suite helps prevent local IT headaches. On-premises hardware and infrastructure can be mirrored onto the cloud, preventing software and OS system crashes from interrupting important business deadlines.

QIQ’s consultants can merge your unique business into this effective virtual environment. We are fully certified Google Cloud specialists and IT engineers who not only know what G Suite offer, but a team of seasoned experts who successfully migrated many of our SMB clients as well as non-profit charitable organizations around the world to G Suite.