Managed IT services

We are your outsourced IT department

Outsource your IT needs to us and have us serve you as your new IT department! We totally understand that it is very expensive to deliver reliable and quality IT services to organizations due to costly IT infrastructures, qualified IT staff and software licenses that are required and for many organizations, it’s not very cost effective to have their own IT resources within their organizations. However, many are still spending significant resources to provide and sustain their IT services and infrastructures to run their businesses. We have recognized the pain of this reality and decided to do something about it! Thanks to SaaS(Software as a Service), Open Source community and the state-of-the-art Cloud Computing leaders and our partners such as Google, Cisco Meraki and Mozy by EMC, we have been providing even more reliable IT services to our clients in the Cloud to meet their business needs and add more values to their businesses by leveraging and maximizing the power of the modern Cloud computing and its solutions. We continue to innovate and provide the most reliable IT services to many organizations in Canada and United States and our efforts in the Cloud have significantly reduced our clients IT expenditures by 30 -50% with proven results and efficiencies

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