Migrating from Microsoft Exchange

Move from Microsoft Exchange to Google Workspace

microsoft exchange migration to google apps

Migrating from Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft’s Exchange platform has proven bulky and unresponsive, requiring repetitive attempts to distribute and retrieve documentation. Fortunately, Google Business Cloud Platforms can fully assimilate your company’s original intentions with Microsoft Exchange and improve upon them!

Are you ready to go Google?

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For Microsoft Exchange our transition process includes the following 

Mail Co-existence & Routing

In Microsoft Exchange migration of all Exchange components are managed through the administrative portal. User lists are created to manage the upload and the level of detail is determined.

Migration occurs outside the user’s desktop environment so no interruption in real-time activity occurs. This means that the migration can occur quickly and flawlessly.

Data Migration

There are generational differences between Microsoft Exchange programs that may require our technicians to transfer data differently. However, most calendars and event planning data migration will be accomplished through the administrative portal and proceed in a timely manner.

*NOTE: Top-level folders can be excluded from the primary migration.

Mobile Phone and Device Connection

Once the user accounts have been created in Google Workspace, accessing them is a simple matter on any smart phone. Our technicians will have fully versed your staff about access procedures prior to migration.

Directory Sync

If Microsoft Exchange software is managed by an exchange server all synchronization will occur from a single administrative portal. If it is an IMAP system, our technicians will require individual user names and passwords to facilitate the migration and synchronization.

*NOTE: Top-level folders can be excluded from the primary migration.

Hosted Exchange and On-Premises

After addressing the technical aspects of hosted, outsourced, and in-house services; QIQ will focus on the enjoyable task of ensuring that your entire staff is fully versed and connected to the power of Google Workspace. It is our experience that productivity quickly increases when these important tools are implemented.

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