Migrating from Microsoft 365

Move from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

Migrating from Microsoft 365

Transitioning across systems requires explicit knowledge about both computing languages involved. Our Certified Google Workspace professionals are both skilled and experienced at migrating data and communications portals to Google Workspace.

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For Microsoft 365 we will focus on the following

Mail Co-existence & Routing

Three primary conditions must be created in order to facilitate mail integration for Microsoft 365.

  1. Mailboxes must exist on both Microsoft 365 and in Google Workspace
  2. An administrator account must exist in Microsoft 365
  3. Google Workspace must contain a full list of users.

After these criteria are met, migration will take place in stages in order to prevent what is called “throttleing” during the download process, (a term that expresses an electronic form of bottlenecking). There are several ways we can accomplish this:

  1. Split mail into two migration groups – mail that is more than 90 days old and current mail.
  2. Segregate users into small groups (such as departments or projects).
  3. Change the way folders are mapped over to Google Workspace (the technicians will determine whether this strategy is viable).

Depending on the size of your company the migration can take one to several days. The old system will remain accessible until full migration occurs.

Data Migration

Communication apps like Calendars, Chats, and other planning tools are often complex because of their routing parameters and predefined groups. Our techs will spend a great deal of time collaborating with your IT and administrative staff to ensure that these lines of communication are securely duplicated and functional.

Mobile Phone and Wireless Cloud Portals

Accessing and syncing the Microsoft 365 calendar is a nearly flawless process using smart phone technology. Once a user’s smart phone has been sync’d with their calendar, both the desktop and mobile access portals will prove highly functional.

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