Novell GroupWise migration to google apps

Migrating from Novell’s GROUPWISE

The GroupWise Post Office and eDirectory are unique environments that require specialized knowledge to translate to the cloud. Rest assured that QIQ’s technicians are well-versed in the directory and groupware idioms that make Novel desirable.

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For Novell our techs will implement the following:

Mail Co-existence & Routing

GroupWise migration is a fairly simple matter that does not require individual names and passwords when utilizing the “Trusted Mode” on the GroupWise server. Personal, shared, public, and group folders can all be managed in the same manner.

If users wish to create their own migration criteria (to map folders and calendars), a user name and password will be required to facilitate the process. Multiple Post Office Agents also require specialized technical attention.

Data Migration

Folders, filters, and recurring calendar entries can either be individually set to follow custom criteria or managed in-bulk. Individual users may wish to pre-map their migration criteria prior to bulk management of the migration. Users can also choose whether to migrate their entire calendar or only those entries they created.

Directory Sync

Prior to migration our technicians will ensure that the user lists match in both GroupWise and Google Workspace, and set up an authorization for the Administrator Portal. Once users have been imported into Google Workspace, the criteria for directory synchronization will have been created.

Mobile Phone and Device Connection

Mobile access will occur through the Google Workspace portal. Once GroupWise has been migrated, regular updates will keep both on and off-site systems in sync.

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